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Building a Store

I'm so grateful to my niece, Annie Mayer, for getting me started with my ETSY store. I really prefer to sit at my drafting table and design... or sit at my sewing machine and assemble. My goodness! I keep thinking that if I had unlimited funds, I would happily pay someone to handle the business end of my clothing and accessory venture! I am really a worker bee. I like to work hard and create lasting products that benefit others in positive ways. One day, if the good Lord wills, this company will produce trade skills and income for others as well as the product. But, in order to get there, I have to do some things that I don't care to do.

The last week has been full of taking photos and building a store so that I can sell some of the product that I have already made. I am so blessed for my friends Korie and Sheri for opening the opportunity to sell in "The Honeyman"....a locally owned business. I also am so grateful to the Mortimer family for allowing me to sell some product in their event store.

I guess I can just say that I have been blessed. I am always telling my sons that if God is leading His kids in a certain direction, He will surely provide everything needed to make that venture His Glory. I will never cease to be amazed at all He has done. It encourages me to keep on....even in the mundane areas of my work.

Take a look at my ETSY store.....feel free to comment....I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. I would love to see this business eventually reflect the beauty of the One who inspires it from day to day.

Also, please take a moment to look at my friend's stores in the "Marketplace" portion of my website.

Everything featured there is made right here in America.

When we support our little local businesses, we encourage local manufacturing. You can be a portion of the encouragement God brings to those who step out in an entrepreneur adventure!


Rhonda Wilmot

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