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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

It's a start

It all began with a desire to design and create. In 2015, we came across the opportunity to rent a 400 sp ft space specifically for design and production.  It was the green light we were looking for in order to launch our business.  What exactly we would do with our talents was still to be determined.  We knew it would include sewing and crafting, designing and selling.  We also had a name.... Steam West Revolution.

Steam West Revolution

is more than a business, it is a movement designed to spur on creativity and individuality through inspirational history of innovators and inventors of early America..  SWR also encourages modern invention and innovation through support of local artists and businesses that produce here in the U.S. 


For a year and a half we were blessed with a studio that was a bit larger at 1200 sq. ft.    It seemed so empty when we moved in, but we had  no trouble filling it up.  We were  designing clothing and clutches to be sold on sister sites and hopefully in local stores.  We also took    the occasional alteration and sewing order.

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